The Clean Air Act Information Network's web site contains an extensive collection of clean air regulatory and policy documents in nine major categories and many subcategories, as well as a number of other features that provide quick access to information needed in connection with implementation of the 1990 Amendments. The Network's Library provides materials that are of interest to a broad cross-section of American industry. Among the other electronic resources available on the web site are a discussion group feature and a means for posting member-submitted documents.

Network documents can be located and accessed by locating the appropriate document subcategory and clicking on the desired document.

The Library's documents originate from a number of sources. The majority are contained on EPA's Web Site.  Hundreds of others have come from EPA, state and industry files and are not on EPA's Web Site.  The Network Library is organized and maintained so that members may discontinue use of EPA's Web Site, except where necessary to locate categories of specialized documents which the Library indicates are not included.

The documents in the Network's Library primarily address issues arising under the following Clean Air Act programs and requirements; Title V permitting; state implementation plans; nonattainment; new source review; new source performance standards; hazardous air pollutants; enforcement; monitoring; and climate change. For the most part, the documents included in the Library do not address mobile sources, acid rain, and stratospheric ozone protection requirements. In general, the documents selected are those which deal with regulatory or policy issues, rather than highly technical and scientific issues.

Further descriptions of the types of documents in the Library are set forth at the beginning of each document category.

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